Frequently Asked Questions By Publishers

1. Do you accept affiliation from all publishers? is keen to only have the best publishers on board. Once you register we visit your website to check if your content matches the standards that we have set. We also identify your other promotional methods and decide on the approval based on these findings.


Incase your affiliation is not accepted after a week of submission, you can contact us directly.



2. During Signup, what is meant by Website Category?


You need to mention the category of people to which your website is targeted. This will help us match the advertisers who have signed up on the same category.



3. How do I know my website's monthly visitors?


Your web hosting provider will have a control panel, such as cPanel which will help you identify the total number of visitors who have come to your site that month. You can also check this date with your web host.


If you are unsure on this, you can select the first value of the dropdown.


4. How many websites can I add in my account?


You can add any number of websites that you own. Our digital marketing team will do an ownership check in a periodical manner to check if the contact name given in the Whois matches the advertiser's name. Incase you add a website that you do not own or operate, we reserve the rights to remove the website from your list.


5. Can I place ad codes created for a website in a different one?


When you create an Ad Code by selecting a website, the advertisement will be served only on that particular site. So even if you place an ad code on a website that it is not associated, the advertisement will not be served.


6. What is an Ad Code?


Ad Code is a javascript which when placed on your website's source code calls for advertisement from our ad servers. These advertisements are served randomly based on your category choice of selection. The number of advertisement, alignment, format is chosen by you when the ad code gets generated.


7. Can I edit the Advertisement shown dynamically?


You can edit any advertisement by going to 'My Ads' menu and editing the particular ad unit. You may be able to edit all the items except Ad Format and Ad Unit name.


8. How do I place an Ad Code in my website?


Once an Ad Code is generated, you can press the 'Select All' button and copy paste it into your web page source code. You need to have some technical knowledge to do this activity. You may get in touch with your web page developer for assistance.


9. Why cant I delete an Ad Unit I created?


Ad Units cannot be deleted as our systems need to track the advertisements created by the publishers. It is also needed for our overall statistics calculations.

You can however pause an advertisement that you are are no longer using.


10. What is meant by Pause and Resume Ad Units?


An advertisement that is not being used by you can be paused and once paused the advertisement will no longer be shown on your website. If you would like to resume it, you may click the resume or play button.


11. What are the types of advertisements that you have to offer?


We have 3 types of advertisements.


a) Text Ad is an advertisement with only text content. This includes Ad Title, Ad Description and Ad URL.

b) Image with Text Ad is the same as Text Ad, but with an 50x50 image beside the text. Image with Text ads capture a lot of interest amongst users these days.

c) Link Ad is an advertisement with only Ad Title. This is a good type if you are having a space constraint in your website.


12. Can I color my advertisements dynamically?


Ad Coloring has four options. Title color, description color, background color and hyperlink color. You can choose the color from a palette and once submitted the ad unit will be shown based on the color selection.


13. How many Ad Units can I place in my website. Is there any restriction?


Our maximum number of Ads shown in one ad unit is 6. You may also have multiple ad units on your website. There are no restrictions however on the total number of Ad units that can be placed.


14. What category should I select while creating my Ad Code?


You can select one or many categories that match the content of your website. You may also change these categories at any later point if you feel the advertisement is not attracting users.


15. What is Ad Format?


There are two types of Ad Format we have to offer.


a) Vertical: This is ideal if you have vertical space in your website. A column is considered vertical and your advertisement will be displayed like a column.

b) Horizontal: Advertisement will be displayed one beside the other and this is a row type of advertisements.


16. What is Ad Alignment?


Ads can be aligned left, right or center, based on your website. Default alignment preferred by webmasters is center and you can also align it other ways.


17. What is Campaign Type?


There are three campaign types. CPC, CPL and CPS.


CPC (Cost Per Click) is used in many variations. You find campaigns that pay you for each click you bring from your website. It can help to boost your campaigns to make extra income. But this requires a good understanding on which exchange network to use, keywords, social media platforms etc.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) is probably what flourishes the most in the affiliate market. Most affiliates or performance-based networks prefer CPL campaigns, since they are easy to convert. A lead is a term used when specific data is collected: name, address and email from a user that signs up. For example, an insurance provider seeks people interested in saving money. Once the leads are created, those people will be called or emailed by the insurance company and will turn into life long customers.

CPS (Cost Per Sale) is used for mostly e-commerce stores. Here, the affiliate will be offered a percentage of each sale brought in.

You can decide which type of advertisement you want to appear on your website in the Ad Code page.


18. How do you calculate Advertisers Matching my website?


Matching Advertisers are calculated by counting the category of campaigns created by advertisers with the category of websites added by you.


19. How do I see the list of advertisers you currently have?


Once you login, you can view the active advertiser list by going to 'Advertisers'. Here you can drill down by clicking on the company name.

You can also filter the advertiser list by choosing the ad category or the campaign type.


20. How can I know the landing page of the advertiser campaign?


Beside every campaign created by advertiser, you have a Link button. Clicking on this pops up the hyperlink of the landing page of the respective campaign.


21. What is meant by Views in Statistics page?


Every advertisement that is served on a webpage is counted by our system. For example, if your ad unit has 5 advertisements and is shown on your webpage once, the total ad unit that will be counted is 5, when you reload the same page, this will be increased to 10.


22. How are earnings calculated? works on a 70:30 ratio. This means we will credit the publisher 70% of what we receive from the advertiser for any type of campaign that you promote. For example, if the advertiser pays us Rs 100 for every sale, we will credit you with Rs 70.

23. What is meant by Click Track?


Click Track is a specially made program for email marketing publishers. With Click Track you can create your tracker for any campaign that has mailers allowed. Once a tracker is created, the counting can be seen in the same page on a tabular column.


24. Where do I use the created tracker?


Trackers are ideally meant for mailers to note the  total number of clicks that has come in. So you can make your own mailer campaign from the text given by the advertiser for the respective campaign.


25. Why am I not seeing all campaigns of advertisers under Click Track.


Advertisers have an option to allow or disallow mailers on their campaigns. If a campaign has mailers allowed, you will be able to see the campaign on Click Track.


26. Can I block an advertiser who I do not wish to promote?


You need to identify the URL of the advertiser that you do not wish to promote and Add The block url. You may also block urls on selected website or on all websites that you currently operate.


27. Will there be any post validation after leads or sales delivery?


All leads and sales delivered will go for a validation process by the advertiser. Only after the validation the lead or sale will be paid for. Be rest assured that will definitely seek an explanation from the advertiser incase there is a deletion.


28. What is your payment period?


Our Net Payment period is 60 days. You will receive the payment through online banking or cheque after this payment cycle.


29. What are the key features of when compared to Google Adwords. has 5 key features when compared to its nearest competitor.


a) Category or Channel based advertising.

This means, you deploy advertisements on your site only based on the category chosen. You can change the categories of your ad units at any point.


b) Block URL on selected sites. allows you to choose your websites on which any advertisement needs to be blocked. This is a very nice feature for webmasters having websites on different categories.


c) Max Ad Units allows you to choose the number of Ads to be displayed in a unit. You can select upto a maximum of 6 advertisements in a single block.


d) Ad Aligment allows you to position advertisements in either direction so as to get the attention of your users.


e) Image with Text Ad is the only ad network globally which allows a choice of three different ad types. Image with text ad is one of the best types of advertisement as it allows a thumbnail image of size 50x50 to be shown beside the plain text ad.




If you're still not sure on how to participate on, we recommend you contact our digital marketing experts to guide you down the right path and get you set up for success. We are here to serve you! With the proper guidance, you can make a huge difference with your product, service and income!