General Questions About Affiliate Marketing



What is an Affiliate/Publisher?


The affiliate (also called the publisher) has relevant, personally owned websites or access to traffic sources that send targeted traffic to our offers. Affiliates/publishers promote offers through banner ads, email marketing, text links etc. directly on their website or buy online traffic from external platforms to generate revenue. Each time a conversion occurs from the publishers' traffic, they are getting a cut or flat payout.


What is an Advertiser?


An advertiser is the seller or merchant. They provide offers to the Affiliate Network. Advertisers are looking for target users and quality traffic for their product/services, which become leads or sales.


What is an Affiliate Network?


This is where all the connections happen. The network is the middleman and acts as the broker for their advertiser. You can say they are a kind of agency for advertiser affiliate program. The network recruits publishers to promote their offers through a vast selection of online promotional methods.


What is performance marketing?


Performance marketing is the same as Affiliate Marketing. Since affiliate marketing is only based on results and performance, it's also called Performance marketing. To learn more, please visit our What is Affiliate Marketing page.


What does CPA / CPL or CPS mean?


CPC (Cost Per Click) is used in many variations. You find campaigns that pay you for each click you bring from your website. It can help to boost your campaigns to make extra income. But this requires a good understanding on which exchange network to use, keywords, social media platforms etc.


CPL (Cost Per Lead) is probably what flourishes the most in the affiliate market. Most affiliates or performance-based networks prefer CPL campaigns, since they are easy to convert. A lead is a term used when specific data is collected: name, address and email from a user that signs up. For example, an insurance provider seeks people interested in saving money. Once the leads are created, those people will be called or emailed by the insurance company and will turn into life long customers.


CPS (Cost Per Sale) is used for mostly e-commerce stores. Here, the affiliate will be offered a percentage of each sale brought in.