Frequently Asked Questions By Advertisers


1. Is CPC or CPL right for my business?


Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Sale are powerful ways to generate registrations and sales. Both these mediums are performance based which means you only pay when a successful registration or sale is done.


2. What commissions do I need to pay Publishers for driving sales?


The minimum rate card for taking your campaign live in the network is as follows.

a) CPC: Min Rs 2

b) CPL: Min Rs 5

c) CPS: Min Rs 15

Once you create your campaign, administrator will review your application and approve it once it satisfies our criteria’s.


3. How fast can I launch my program?


Create your first campaign could take about 2 to 3 minutes. Our team works from Monday to Saturday and approving your campaign will take about 1 to 2 business hours.


4. Should I pay upfront for my campaign to go live?


We do insist on an upfront payment for CPC campaigns, but for CPL and CPS, we have an option for advertisers to 'Pay Later'.

This ideally means, once your campaign is approved, it would go active on our network and you can pay after reviewing the quality of traffic after each month.


5. Will I be contacted once my campaign is approved?


Our team will get in touch with you soon after you create a campaign. You will also receive a notification through email once your campaign is approved.


6. How many Publishers will be in my program?


We have about 65 active publishers and we expect this to grow to as much as 200 in the next 3 months. We are approving only quality publishers on board to ensure the advertisers have a good return on investment.


7. How can I attract the best Publishers?


Publishers view your approved campaigns creative and the landing page through their Dashboard. In order to attract the best publisher, you should ensure the cost associated with the campaign matches the industry standards. If the cost is less, publishers will not take your campaign live on their website and this will result in reduced performance. Also to take additional note is the campaign creative. A good creative is always attractive as publishers will be sure of getting a good number of clicks through it.


8. How do I ensure the right creative are being used?


The creative that are shown on publishers websites are the same ones seen on your 'Campaigns' page. When you change the content at your end, it automatically gets altered across the network of publisher sites instantly.

This being said, there is also an option for publishers to promote your campaigns through mailers. The contents of these mailers are framed by the publishers based on the creative that you have made. Incase you do not wish to allow mailers, you may uncheck the box that says 'Allow Mailers' on Campaign Creation page.


9. How do you prevent Fraud Clicks? has inbuilt technology that eliminates any fraud activity. We record the IPs of every click that comes in the publisher network and monitor if any publisher is indulging in any fraud activity.

We also ensure advertisements are displayed only on the right publisher site and we actively monitor our publisher websites to ensure they follow the right practices of marketing.


10. Do you accept international websites?


We are currently accepting advertisers and publishers who are based out of India. In the long run, we would expand globally and this will be under a different brand.


11. Why is focused only to India?


India is one of the fastest growing countries in the internet space and we would like to connect advertisers and publishers in India for driving their business


12. How can I track all my sales or conversions?


Incase of a cost per click campaign, the Statistics page will automatically track the number of clicks along with the ad impressions. For Cost per sale and cost per lead, you need to place our tracking code in your web page which shows up after a successful registration.

To get the tracking code, look out for an icon such as this beside your campaign.


13. Can I be sure not to pay for bogus or fraudulent leads?


Our CPL and CPS is on a postpaid basis. This means, you pay once you are happy about the quality of sales or leads. Incase you discover any bogus or fraud leads, you can intimate us and we will cross-verify with the publisher if that is the case.

You can also be rest assured, that we are very stringent on publisher approval and we will immediately take action on the publisher incase any bad practice is followed.


14. What is Campaign Expiry Date?


Every campaign should have an expiry date. It is after this date, the campaign will be paused automatically by the system.


15. What is the difference between Hyperlink and Mask URL?


Hyperlink is the actual link to which a click will lead to. This link is usually lengthy for CPL and CPS campaigns. In order to eliminate lengthy URLs from being shown, we have an additional field, which is Mask URL. The URL inserted here will be seen on the advertisement and any click made on the advertisement will take the user to the hyperlink.


16. How can I increase my campaign budget?


Once you campaign has exhausted the budget allocated, you are free to increase through the 'Recharge' menu. You can click on the icon which will give you an option to recharge the respective campaign.


17. Do you offer any Free Service for Advertisers? is paid advertising platform. We also have a free advertising medium. To access this, you can visit our classified portal at




If you're still not sure on how to participate on, we recommend you contact our digital marketing experts to guide you down the right path and get you set up for success. We are here to serve you! With the proper guidance, you can make a huge difference with your product, service and income!