Advertiser Guide



  • Graph displays your last 7 days click report in a graphical format. This can be exported or printed with the two buttons beside it.
  • Total Paid is the total amount paid by advertisers across campaigns.
  • Balance Amount is the available balance in your account.
  • Pending Amount is the total amount that is yet to be approved. The administrator will take 24 to 48 hours for approving the payment that has come through.
  • Total Views is the number of impressions your advertisement has received through various publisher sites.
  • Total Clicks is the number of clicks your advertisements has generated.
  • Total Leads is the number of registrations done by users in your site.
  • Total Sales is the number of purchases done by users in your site.

My Account:


  • Account details that was given during sign-up displayed here. Except for the email, all other details can be updated by modifying in the respective text boxes.
  • Change Password button is for changing your account password to something different.




  • Displays all the campaigns, both approved and pending for approval on screen.
  • The Campaigns can be filtered with the help of two dropdowns


a) Ad Category

b) Campaign Type

c) Campaign Action buttons


View View campaign details, which includes content, category, daily budget, weekly budget and cost per click or lead.
Preview Preview your campaign data, which includes ad image, title, description and hyperlink
Edit Edit your campaign details.
Pause Pause an active campaign.
Resume Resume a paused campaign.
Tracking Code Tracking code will popup with a javascript, This is ideally for campaigns of CPL or CPS. Advertisers will have to place our tracking code in the source code of the page that comes after a successful registration or sale.
Delete Delete a campaign.
  • Hide / Show Paused Ads link can show the paused campaigns or hide them from the listings.



Create Campaign:


  • Campaign Name input is for identifying the campaign by giving a name to it.
  • Ad Title allows a maximum of 25 characters to be given as input. This Title tag is placed in the face of the advertisement in bold
  • Ad Description can take upto 80 characters of text and this is displayed under the Ad Title.
  • Ad Image is an optional input element which allows advertisers to include an image of size 50x50. This image will get displayed when advertisement is served on publisher sites. The position of this thumbnail image is to the left of the text content.
  • Ad Hyperlink is the actual hyperlink leading to the advertiser web page.
  • Ad Mask URL is the link which will be shown on the face of the advertisement. The regular hyperlink is usually lengthy and it does not fit well in the face of the advertisement. This is  the reason why a mask input box is seen.
  • Ad Category: We have in total 27 categories and advertisers can insert their campaign in any of these categories. Categorical Ads will be served on publisher websites.
  • Campaign Type has three options for the advertiser to choose.

a) CPC - This stands for Cost per Click or CPC. Advertisers can choose to pay the network on a click basis. The minimum CPC is Rs 2.


b) CPL - This stands for Cost per Lead or CPL. Advertisers can choose to pay for every registration or sign up that happens on their site. The minimum CPL is Rs 5.


c) CPS - This stands for Cost per Sale or CPS. Advertisers can choose to pay for every successful sale that happens on their site. The minimum CPL is Rs 15.


  • Expiry: Every campaign will need an expiry date. This is the date after which the campaign will be automatically paused.
  • Daily Budget: This is the total amount upto which the campaign can remain active. For example, if a CPC campaign is created with a cost per click at Rs 3 and a daily budget given is Rs 600, then the advertiser has a chance to receive a maximum of 200 clicks everyday. Incase lesser number of clicks is generated, the campaign continues to remain active.
  • Weekly Budget: This gets calculated based on the daily budget.
  • Overall Budget: This is the total budget for the campaign.


Campaign Preview


  • Once a campaign is created, you can see how the campaign would actually look on the screen for a user.

A sample preview is shown below




  • The list of active campaigns are displayed here with the total number of views, clicks, leads and sales.
  • The Cost column indicates the total cost incurred by the advertiser for the delivery of respective action.
  • The Statistics page can be filtered by selecting the campaign name.
  • Date wise report can also be given once the from and to dates are selected.




  • All approved campaigns can be recharged  Recharge
  • Once a recharge is done, the payment goes for administrator approval before being credited to the advertiser.
  • Advertisers can know the status of the pending payment through the Dashboard.




  • has a tie-up with CC Avenue for payment gateway solution. CC Avenue is one of the most trusted gateway providers and they are associated with leading credit card and debit card companies for the payment process.
  • Advertisers also have an option to submit the payment manually through cheque or bank transfers. You will have to get in touch with the team through the contact us button if you decide to pay later.




  • The Support page has four options

a) Contact Us - Get in touch with us by filling up a simple form.

b) Knowledge Base - Read the various functions of

c) Frequently Asked Questions - List of top questions asked by both advertisers and publishers.

d) Terms and Policies - The various terms through which operates under and the rules that you must follow.