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12 Most Spectacular Ways to Make your Communication Sparkle
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I was watching a presentation about human resource administration. Boring,
right? I thought it would be mind numbing, but it wasn’t. It was engaging,
informative, and even funny. How was this happening? The speaker just had a
sparkle in his eye that transformed his presentation from boring to soaring.

We can all sparkle like my HR friend in our communication. It doesn’t have to be
a presentation; we can sparkle in conversations, walking down the street or even
ordering a cup of coffee.

Here are the 12 Most Spectacular Ways to Make Your Communication Sparkle:

1. Share your passion

What makes you sparkle? What passion do you have that when you talk about it you
light up a room? Don’t hide what you love. Share it with the world. You’ll be
amazed how people gravitate towards you when you do.

2. Be interested

The flip side of sharing your passion is being interested in what another person
sparkles about. Sharing your sparkle inspires others to share their sparkle too.

3. Express gratitude

Thank you. Two tiny words that in my opinion are not genuinely said enough. The
people in our lives do so much for us and yet we mostly likely don’t say thank
you enough. In that spirit, a public thank you to my Fiancée for making me
coffee every single morning. I never say thank you for it, but I really should.

4. Look people in the eye

When I am at Starbucks, I have an awful habit. I sometimes don’t make eye
contact with the barista taking my order. I’m fussing with my wallet, getting my
credit card out, or looking at the menu. I’m doing everything but looking at the
person who is helping me. Making eye contact screams “I see you!” and don’t we
all just want to be seen.

5. Listen — no really listen

People not only like to be seen, but they like to be heard. Put away your
smartphones, turn off the TV, and just focus on what the other person is saying.
Listen emphatically.

6. Smile and mean it

The Killers sang, “Smile like you mean it” but I think you should really mean

Watch this video on YouTube.

Here is your mission if you choose to accept it: the next time you are walking
down the street genuinely smile at the person crossing your path. If they don’t
smile back, smile at the next person or the next. When that smile is returned,
it uplifts your spirit and puts a sparkle in your step.

7. Praise the praiseworthy

Did someone do a really great job on a project? Tell them. Read a blog post that
rocked your world? Tell the author and share the post with everyone you know.
Fall madly in love with a painting? Tell the artist what it means to you.
Showing someone that you appreciate their art has untold benefits.

8. Expect nothing in return

Don’t dole out praise, express gratitude or even smile at someone expecting
something in return. Don’t tweet a post hoping the person will tweet one of
yours. Do it because you want to, not because you want something out of it.

9. Be honest

People appreciate the truth even when it is hard to hear. Be honest and say what
needs to be said. For the love of all things good, if someone has a piece of
spinach in their teeth, skirt tucked into their underwear or toilet paper stuck
to the bottom of their shoe, TELL THEM!

10. Have I told you lately that I love you?

Watch this video on YouTube.

I hate that sappy song, but Mr. Stewart has got a point. Telling someone how we
feel is one of the most difficult things we have do. Sharing emotions is putting
your heart out there and taking a HUGE risk. The bigger risk though is NOT
saying how we feel. Go ahead! Tell the people in your life how much you care
about them.

11. I’m sorry

We are human, and we screw up. Sometimes we mess up big time and hurt the ones
who are the closest to us. Saying a heartfelt “I’m sorry” won’t fix everything,
but it is a step in the right direction.

12. Do your best

Some days it is harder to sparkle than other days. There are mornings I wake up
with a grey cloud hanging over my head and not just because I live in Seattle.
My attitude sucks. I do my best to shine, but sometimes it takes that unexpected
smile, compliment or thank you to make me really sparkle. We are never perfect
in our communication, but we can always do our best.

It won’t be easy, but I challenge you to do one thing today that makes your
communication sparkle. In fact, I’d love to hear about it and the impact it
made. Share your shining moment in the comments below!