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5 Ways Bosses Can Kill Morale
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Happy employees are the cornerstone to a successful business. Most
business that are faltering have people problems not product problems. Good
morale comes from an environment where the bosses are interested in building
relationships with those they manage and among their team.

Whenever we speak we send two messages – content and relational message (for
more information watch my video). Relational messages are the ones that
broadcast how we feel about others and in the workplace are the ones that
inspire or destroy morale. If the relational message being sent is one of
respect, trust and appreciation morale soars. If it is the opposite, you can
find employee moral is circling the drain. Here are 5 surefire ways a boss can
kill morale on any team:

1. Mandatory fun

Required parties. Top down enforcement of dressing up for Halloween to impress
the big boss. Mandatory fun is not fun. It’s a fascist regime. It doesn’t bring
the team together. It’s just another less pleasant form of work. Fun events that
promote team cohesion come from the team. When employees are giving the freedom
to plan fun events, cohesion grow. As the boss, stay out of the merry making!

2. Punch the clock

Butts in the seat 8 hours a day. A dirty look when you make a Starbuck’s run. No
one likes punching a clock. Why? It screams “I don’t trust you to get your work
done.” Employees want to be trusted and valued. Punching the clock is a surefire
way to undermine both.

3. No gratitude

Ever do something awesome at work? Save the day. Went above and beyond for a
client so much so they were singing your praise. However, your boss barely
mentioned it to you. No good job or way to go. It super sucks and makes you less
likely to go the extra mile the next time. A simple thank is sometimes all you
really need to make morale soar.

4. Make a big deal out of a small mistake

I make mistakes. You make mistakes. Leaders and bosses make mistaks. We all do
it. It’s part of being human. The boss who makes a big deal because you missed
the typo on slide 147 of your 200 slide PowerPoint deck is being a nit-picky
jerk. I had a manger once who reviewed my work using a red pen. It was like
being in grade school all over. When this happens, the relational message being
sent is “I have the power and I am right.” Lording being right over growing an
employee and building morale results in unhappy people who leave.

5. Don’t listen

You are tying to tell your boss about a problem. The whole time you can tell he
is in his head and not listening. Every want to yell “Get out of your head and
listen!” Everyone just wants to be heard . Even if your boss doesn’t go with
your idea, if you feel like he or she listened, it makes you feel valued.

What did I miss? What other tactics do you see in the workplace that cause
morale to falter? Leave a comment below.