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3 Proven Strategies for Presentations that Connect
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I wondered what happened to his personality? This normally vivacious,
energetic man traipsed on-the-stage and when he began his presentation, the most
boring NPR host in the world possessed his body. His normal va-va-voom was
va-va-gone. He wasn’t being himself on the stage.

Speakers have a strange notion of what is means to be a speaker. You try to
emulate others or be something you are not. At the end of the speech, you
impress no one because you are not REAL. Instead of embracing your unique gifts
and speaking strengths, you put those aside.

Life coach, Martha Beck espouses a TAO principle in her coaching that applies
equally well to presenters. TAO stands for Transparency, Authenticity and
Openness which are 3 proven strategies to help you connect with your audience.
Here is what presenters can learn from adopting TAO mindset.


There is enormous pressure on presenters to be the expert, to be perfect, and to
know all the answers. This pressure is typically self-inflicted. When on the
stage take the pressure off of yourself especially during Q&A sessions. You
never know what kinds of questions you are going to get asked. To be transparent
speaker should:

Admit what you don’t know. It’s ok not to know the answer to every question, but
try to find out who might have that information. Follow-up with the asker of the
question. It establishes rapport and allows you to build a relationship with the
people you meet while speaking.

If a question is outside your expertise, say so! You know what you know. If
someone is better equipped to handle a query, let them.