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Personal Branding Pledge For 2013
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This year my destination is a matter of manifestation

I become a GPS for achievement and success

I finally reveal the true nature I possess

I am

Mighty like an ox

Smart like a fox

Majestically truculent and brave as a lion

Crushingly seductive and poised like a python

All the inner beasts that lie under my skin

All the power that is coiled and covered within

The life I have been leading

They are about to emerge and reveal my true talents

With a surge of genius and a punch of courage

So flat line discouraging, disparaging words

Quit carping and harping on my substance or style

I am about to put the distance between us at a mile

Unless you acknowledge what I am about to become

I am

The one I can rely on

The one who succeeds

Even if no one else sees, believes or conceives

The magnitude of what I am about to achieve

Watch me this year while the clock tick-tocks off time

I prove for certain this year is

Mine, mine, mine